Axis Wake Research offers remarkably affordable access to ourPerformance Surf Package (PSP).

Create your own waves wherever and whenever you want,and control their size, length, shape and speed.

  • Wake Plus Hull

    The PSP starts with the Wake Plus hull design engineered for each Axis model, with wave generating running surfaces and customized swim platforms.

    For a bigger wake, push a button to fill the Hard-Tank Ballast system and add up to 1,000 pounds of wake-creating ballast.

    Get the fore and aft Plug ’n’ Play ballast option to add up to another 1,800 pounds.

  • Power Wedge 3

    For the first time, all Axis models offer the Power Wedge III as an option.

    Now, just push a button to adjust the wake with ease and instantly gain another 1,500 pounds of wake-generating water displacement control that competitors can’t match.

    Engage Surf Gate to turn that wake into an endless, customizable wave for surfing.

  • Surf GateTM

    Surf Gate’s high-speed hydraulic actuators let you quickly shift the wave from side to side for regular or goofy foot styles.

    With the PSP and Surf Gate™, the driver can dial in the wakes and waves to make the perfect watersports playground for any rider, every time.

  • Surf Band

    Now including the Power Wedge II control option, we’ve made the Malibu Surf Band™ wrist remote available for all Axis boats. Wearing the Surf Band, the rider can control the Surf Gate™, speed and stereo volume right from the board.

  • All-New Axis Dash

    One of the most striking features on the 2022 Axis boats is the dash featuring a first-ever touch screen.

    Displaying everything you need from setting up your wakesurf or wakeboard set to the checking the boat’s vitals, the new dash is just as much luxury as it is function.